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Welcome to home health aids

Home Health Aids was created to help people with disabilities, health issues, the elderly or just people who want to carefully maintain and monitor their health find what they need to do so in their own homes. When it comes to items like exam room supplies that can be used to keep track of your symptoms, they can be difficult or even impossible to find around town, and getting them from the hospital is incredibly expensive. We want everyone to be able to take care of themselves with the proper equipment. Making pedometers, accelerometers, and heart monitors available online allows you to give yourself a checkup without relying on a doctor.

We also carry healthy living supplies such as digital scales and body composition monitors. Keeping track of your weight and body fat content is an important part of staying healthy. You can try out different diets and observe your weight fluctuations to see which eating habits are best for you, rather than just guessing. Plus, we have a wide variety of exercise equipment. We all know the importance of regular exercise. At Home Health Aids, we stock many different types of equipment, from weights to yoga supplies. That way we can help to encourage all types of people to get the exercise they need to stay healthy.


For those who need a little assistance with everyday tasks but want to remain independent, we stock independent living supplies. We understand that being able to remain as independent as possible is important for high life satisfaction. It can be frustrating for all involved to have to rely on someone else to do simple things for you like putting on shoes. With simple and intuitive products, you can dress yourself, feed yourself, and get around the house like you did when you were younger. We also carry incontinence supplies for the many people in the world who suffer from this condition.

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